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Storm Restoration
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  • Contact company for appointment
  • Leave voicemail when they don’t pick up
  • Cross your fingers that they’ll call you back
  • IF they do, schedule appointment
  • Cross your fingers that they’ll show up
  • IF they do, listen to them drone on for 2-3 HOURS to get you to buy
  • They inflate their price but offer a bogus “buy now” discount
  • They twist your arm until it’s rubbed raw
  • They beat you down until you cry “mercy” & either buy or kick them out


  • Call us for a quote
  • We come to your home (if you choose)
  • We provide you with a no-pressure estimate within 9 to 19 minutes

19-Minute Sales Meetings.
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No Sales Pressure.
True Lifetime Warranties.
The Best Roofing, Siding And Window Products And Installation In St. Charles.
Products & Installation In St. Charles.

Since I was seven years old, I knew was a perfectionist.

I remember the time I lost a match at my first pool tournament. I was eliminated because I missed one little shot. I was crushed, so I went straight home and practiced the shot that cost me the match for six hours straight. I didn’t necessarily want to do it; to me, it was absolutely mandatory that I did it.

This obsessive drive to be the best also shows in how I run EZ Home Solutions.

When it comes to window, siding, and roofing contractors in the St. Charles area, almost all of the owners were either former salesmen or installers. I’m from the sales camp--and I was extremely good. In fact (not to brag), but was in the best salesman for every company I’ve worked for.

The issue, though, was that the companies I worked for didn’t share my dedication to perfection and stellar service. I’d see it all the time--these companies would perform sloppy installation, never keep the customer in the loop, and provide exactly zero follow up after the project.

After years of working for companies with poor service, I had enough. I decided to start my own “do everything 110% right” window, siding, and roofing company for St. Charles, St. Louis, and the surrounding areas.

Since my background is in sales, I realized I needed to learn the ins and outs of the best installation practices and all the available products. So I searched far and wide to discover the best of both.

I wanted to ensure my product suppliers and manufacturers would share my dedication to service and quality. I soon discovered that I trust very few companies to deliver on my rigid expectations. So I chose the handful of companies with an immaculate track record for customer service, quality, and communication. Because when it comes to those things, I don’t mess around--I demand perfection.

It’s true. For me, it's either do it 100% THE RIGHT WAY or don't do it at all. And when I say the right way.... I mean THE EZ WAY.

That's why when it comes to the aspects homeowners hate about home improvement projects, I’ve completely eliminated ALL OF THEM. Agonizingly long sales meetings? Gone. Absurd pricing games? Gone. High sales pressure? Gone. I’ve stripped the process down to what matters to you, the homeowner: High quality, great service, and a fair price.

Call us today. We can give you a quote right over the phone, or we can provide you with a 19-minute (yes, 19 minutes… not 2+ hours!) quote on the best siding, windows, or roofing in the St. Charles area. We’ll give you a price on the spot. Then, we’ll let YOU decide whether you want to proceed. No pressure.

One last thing. My warranties are more than “just” warranties; they’re a “CUSTOMER FOR LIFE” pledge. I believe if we made a mistake, we should take care of it, whether it’s been 20 days or 20 years. I stand behind my products and installation. Period.

At the end of the day, everything revolves around providing you with a terrific, high-quality project and experience. My passion to create the best siding, window, and roofing company in the St. Charles, MO area demands it.



Get in touch with us at (314) 665-1860, info.ezhs@gmail.com, or send us a message through our contact form and we'll get back with you!