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Storm Restoration
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Storm Restoration
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Believe it or not, but modern roofs are pretty complex systems. Every part of a roof has to work together for entire unit to function how it’s supposed to. And if they don’t, it will lead to a lot of aggravation.

Unfortunately, because roofs are so complex, many less than reputable roofing contractors in St. Charles and St. Louis will use your ignorance and try to sell you a roof you don’t want…and worse, DON’T NEED.

It's true. Many roofing companies will try to sell you a whole new roof, when what you really need is a simple and inexpensive repair.

For example, improper ventilation allows heat buildup. This heat buildup actually cooks your roofing shingles, especially during our hot Missouri summers. You can tell because the shingles will be discolored and warped.It’s actually an easy fix, but you probably don’t know that. And more than likely a less than scrupulous roofing company could easily convince you that you need a new roof… to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

Worse, most roofing companies won't even fix the underlying problem. Why? Because they know there is a good chance you'll be calling them up in few years to replace the roof…yet again.

Which St. Charles Roofers Company Are You Going To Trust?

Let us earn your trust. Call EZ Home Solutions and let us perform a FREE, NO OBLIGATION inspection of your roof. If there is a problem, we’ll explain exactly what it is and provide you with the right solutions. We won’t try to sell you an entirely new roof if all you need is a repair. Think of our meeting is a conversation—NOT A SALES PITCH. It's why we are in and out in 20 minutes or less.

Give us a call to discuss your project; we would be honored to give you any advice and solutions that we can. Or you can find more information about roofs below. Because at EZ Home Solutions, we leave the final decision up to YOU.

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