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Storm Restoration
& Hail Inspection

Storm Restoration
& Hail Inspection

What Are You Going To Do
After A Storm Hits?

Emergency Repair In St. Charles

Emergency Repair

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Your Home Just Got Hit By A Bad Storm In St. Charles, And Your Roof, Siding & Windows Are Damaged.

Hire The St. Charles Roof Repair, Window Repair, And Siding Repair Experts To Fix The Problem.

After a storm hits, most St. Charles-area homeowners contact their insurance companies if their windows, roofing, or siding are damaged.

Here’s why that is the worst thing you can do. After a big storm, insurance companies are inundated with claims. They get damage claims not only from storm-related damage, but also damage caused by “storm chasers”--unskilled, non-licensed “contractors” looking to make a quick buck after a storm hits.

To protect themselves and minimize their losses, insurance agencies send out claims adjusters to assess the damage. The problem: You are going to be hard pressed to argue and justify your roofing or damage claim because you don’t have the knowledge, skills, or experience. Adjusters rely on your ignorance to nickel and dime you and reduce the amount of your claim as much as possible.

"Insurance companies didn't get to be $15 billion and $20 billion (companies) because they give money away," says John Smith of Morgan Hubble Smith Insurance, based in Columbus, Ohio.

To be clear, not all insurance companies are crooks. But it is their job to settle a case as inexpensively as possible.

To Get The Most For Your Repair Claim, Contact EZ Home Solutions.

Let us help you with your claim. We help homeowners all over St. Charles, St. Louis, and the surrounding areas with storm restoration. We will give you a fair estimate of the damage, and we have the knowledge you need to defend your claim (if necessary) to the adjuster. We'll make sure you're taken care of… PERIOD.


If You Need Roof Repair In St. Charles And St. Louis, You Must Read This. It's Too Dangerous Not To.

It's inevitable. After a storm hits you are going to be bombarded by "roofers" offering to help. They are going to show up on your doorstep, usually right after a major storm hits, and offer you a "free" roof inspection. But you must be on your guard.

These so-called "roofers" (or what we like to call a "Chuck-In-A-Truck") are all over the St. Charles area, and they may try to use high-pressure sales tactics or a "we are your friend" approach in attempt to get you to sign an "authorization form." The explanations that they give are various, but they are all geared to one end… they want to lull you into a false sense of security so that you will sign the authorization form.

WARNING: 'Authorization forms' are contracts in many St. Charles roof repair companies’ eye.

Most often these so called roofing companies in St. Paul, Creve Coeur, Webster Groves (and everywhere else for that matter) tell the homeowner that it is a form to "help them" so that they can contact the homeowners’ insurance company… and that they need your permission. Or, even better, they need your “authorization” to conduct an inspection of the home to look for storm damage.

The reality is this document is a formal contract. When you sign it, it obligates you—the homeowner—to allow the contractor to do whatever he wants. Including any repair work that your insurance company agrees to cover, for a price that the contractor and the insurance company agree on… and on which you have no input.

Don't think it happens? Here is a commentary right from the Missouri Attorney General's Office; (June 5th, 2013) about just one roofing company in St. Louis:

"In March, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster sued All Seasons, alleging the company scammed homeowners by taking insurance payments for storm-repair work and failing to do the work following the April 2012 hailstorm in the St. Louis area."

And here is a commentary from our neighbors over in Minnesota – right of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry website.

"The problem with signing these documents [authorization forms] is that if a homeowner decides not to use that contractor, the contract probably contains small print (usually on the back of the document) that says that if a homeowner cancels the contract after three business days, they will owe the contractor a percentage (usually from 15 to 50 percent) of the total claim settlement. This is why it is so important to do the homework and check the contractor thoroughly before a decision is made to sign a contract.”

Here are some additional tips (from the Attorney General) that you should know:

Avoid contractors that:

  • Arrive in unmarked vehicles
  • Ask you to sign an estimate or authorization before you have decided to hire them
  • Are willing to do the job at a very low price
  • Offer to pay your deductible or offer you discounts or other compensation for hiring them
  • Only have a P.O. box for a mailing address
  • Require full or substantial payment before they begin work
  • Will not provide a written estimate or contract
  • Will not provide a license number issued by the state of Missouri
  • Do not have references
  • Show up to your home unsolicited
  • Use high-pressure sales tactics.